The future of giving: How Charities can use Gamification to Raise Money

Gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and is huge. It has a large number of audience with time and money, that gives a great chance to the charity sector. Gasification can have a lot of advantages and these can be in the form of vitality, increased site traffic and increase in engagement. It can be a great way for charities to attract the young ones and also get them interested for the cause. In a recent report it has been said that there’s a need to engage with people of a younger age to give them a taste of charity and making them learn more about it.


The Hero Bears App was created for free by Supersonic Software to raise money for Help for Heroes. Not just raising funds, it also created awareness of the charity with very famous people. 


This is a good example of a charity using gasification to attract young audience in their cause from an early age. The WWF site has resources for many offline games and that includes games like, How to make an African elephant finger puppet.


The campaign of Give girls power by Save the Children incorporated a great example of how a message that is serious and can be delivered to the age group by means of gamification.


An initiative done by the Swedish Red Cross as well as the Stockholm Airport saw many donation boxes in the Swedish airport. Something similiar can be done to raise money by charities. It could be a fun way to donate as well as entertain the passengers that are waiting for their luggages to arrive in the airport. This method is surely a good way to acquire money.


The charities can put a lot of games on their site. A good example could be, making the young crowd aware about boating and it’s safety precaution’s. This way the young kids would be entertained as well as made aware what are the safety precautions for boating.

The use of gamification by charities to acquire a raise is the ideal way. It can not only help in finance, but make the young kids aware about certain things through these games. Gaming is a huge industry and this will surely attract crowd of charities. If the above mentioned points are followed carefully, your charity will be able to raise money with ease through gamification. Many charities have used this method and has been successful in a great way. Make sure that you know what you need to show the audience by the games and how to attract them and make them aware about your charity.

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