Hurricanes Devastate Emotionally and Financially

Hurricane is something that is a fully developed tropical cyclone that are found in the Caribbean sea, Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico. When people of a particular place refer to a Hurricane, they mean the violent weather that brings heavy rains and destructive winds of more than 70 mph. These are also characterized by heavy cloud cover that results in reduction of sunshine, low temperature and low visibility.

They can be very devastating and can certainly have impacts on the life of humans. These hurricanes can destroy homes and buildings. They also result in death of livestock and crops as well. They also have the potential to destroy bridges, roads as well as human life. The Hurricanes impact the human environment in a negative way. It can either be emotional damage as well as financial damage. Because of the destruction oh houses, many of them are left homeless and exposed. Most of them die and maximum of the survivors are very ill with pneumonia. The number of deaths can be very high and can range from thousand to millions.

Repair and reconstruction of buildings and houses can cost a lot and can drain you financially. It can also affect the economy in a great way. Rebuilding canalso take a considerable amount of time. Communication breakage can be a big problem to people. Because of such damage, people might have to live without electricity, television for some amount of time. This can affect mentally too. Damaged roads can affect everyday life in a big way. People can’t go out for work and are bound to stay at home as well as construct the damages of their person property. Destruction of livestock and crops can also affect people, especially those in farming. With the death of livestock’s and crops, farmers might not be able to have their regular earning through dairy products from livestock and also from crops.

Concluding it, Hurricanes can have negative effects on people and that can drain them emotionally as well as financially. These are natural disasters that can’t be stopped. With technological advancements, it can be detected when a hurricane will hit a particular place and proper planning can be done in advance about the important requirements needed by people to be safe.


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