What is PF and How it will help in Future

PF means Provident Fund which every employee have to pay. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (abbreviated to EPFO), is a standard body of the Government of India under the Labour Ministry and Employment. All employees will have to pay PF. Even private organizations also collect provident funds. The PF amount will depend on your salary and organizations level. We will get back PF during your retirement. When you leave organization also you will get provident funds depending on your working time period in that particular organization. EPFO is largest social organization in India. While leaving any organizations you must get your PF which is collection of small amount of your monthly salary. It is very helpful after your retirement.

What is PF

If you are a government then you will be most profitable person. This is because after your retirement you will get large amounts of PF as the percentage of PF from your salary is more when compared to private organizations. Government will also add some interest to our PF amount to satisfy us. We also have an option to take loans from our Provident fund. From government there will not be any interest if you take loans from your Provident funds. We have same option for some reputed private organizations also. But there we have to pay some amount of interest to take loans. There are too many limitations to take loans from private organizers and some will not allow also.

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