EzTrader – the football fan’s option

Binary options are a way of making profit from the movement of commodities, assets, stocks and shares. The word binary in this case means, “Having two parts”. The two parts are in binary options trading are, ‘call’ or ‘put’. The ‘call’ option means a prediction has been made that the price of the chosen asset will rise. The ‘put’ option means a prediction has been made that the price of the chosen asset will fall. Knowledge of the asset’s trading history is essential when choosing whether to call or put as this could seriously affect how an asset will do in the future.

EzTrader is a website that makes trading with binary options even easier. A leading European binary options provider, it has clear instructions that help users learn how to become traders, or for those with experience – even better traders. The website has been voted, ‘best binary platform’ for two consecutive years by the International Association of Insolvency Regulators (IAIR). With the latest free trading tools and easy three step programme, it is easy to see why they are so successful. Users choose from a list of assets; an amount and expiry time is then decided; lastly the user decides whether to ‘call’ or ‘put’. Winning ratios and the amount of the expected return is also shown when making decisions.

Teaming up with, Tottenham Hotspur FC, VfL Wolfsburg and AS Monaco, this binary options provider has combined with football, to create a new way of trading in binary options. Now traders have access to exclusive offers in football and trading promotions. With the opportunity to enter weekly competitions, traders can win tickets to EZtrader sponsored teams as well as signed merchandise. With Tottenham Hotspur FC, traders get access to a Personal Account Manager, eBooks, Webinars and one-on-one trading consultations. The new website, Eztrader Fc also offers a welcome bonus of £100.00 for new traders who invest £50.00. As well as having access to Europe’s most popular trading platform, AS Monaco fans can expect competition prizes such as: exclusive VIP Tickets; luxurious match day hospitality packages; match tickets, flights and accommodation to the game; premier seats; AS Monaco’s exclusive gifts for guests, with a private tour of Stade Louis II; Personal Account Service, 100€ free welcome bonus and many more prizes. VfL Wolfsburg fans can win VIP match day tickets; the finest food and drink in the club’s hospitality lounge; access to one of the EU’s most popular trading platforms; personal account service; £100 welcome bonus and more.

With the ability to trade on some of the biggest brands in the world and with such great prizes on offer, this surely makes EZtrader the choice for every football fan looking to trade in binary options.

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