Techy Take Over

I hear all the time that the technology industries are the way to go for young college graduates looking for careers. There is an insane amount of choices for the Millennial generation that I am sure it can get overwhelming. How do you choose? There are excellent paying careers to be had in fields like coding, software engineering, full time blogging and simple technical support. Tech companies are battling for the best and brightest and these fresh college grads are getting offers that previous generations could never dream of and the figure is increasing year by year. What’s also amazing about these tech careers is that many of them can be done remote, meaning you open your laptop while still in bed and get to work. Sounds like a dream job.

Nowadays, Internet lifestyle has become very popular among young generation. It gives them fame, money and freedom at the same time. There are many young kids who are making more than their dad. And the best thing is they are part timer and work only for few hours after their school time. These kids just do what they love to do.

Growing up before the technology boom I always heard about kids building their own personal computers and mostly using it for online video games. More likely than not those kids are probably making more than six figures to do the same thing or something closely related to it. I once knew a kid who would resell computer parts and make a huge amount of money from it. In the age of internet it is very easy to sell anything. There was, and still is, a lot of variation in the pricing of these pieces of tech. It takes time to learn how much you should be paying for a hard drive or how much you can get for that newly finished PC tower. There are websites that can help with this issue and offer savvy consumers a price match guarantee. One such website is Newegg and they have these Groupon coupons available for purchase to make the prospect of building a killer new gaming PC a lot less deadly to your bank account.

Next time you are on the subway and see that teenager glued to his laptop or cell phone, you probably shouldn’t mock them. The odds of them making more in one year than you will in two are pretty high. I hope you have got my point. In coming years, internet will completely change the life style of people. Sometimes I wish I was a mega nerd growing up and spent more time in my room building computers instead of riding my bike and burning ants with a magnifying glass. Although I doubt I’ll regret it when Skynet goes live and robots take over the world.

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