Why Now Is the Right Time to Go Back for your Accounting Master’s Degree

If you have been working in the accounting field for any amount of time, it has probably become obvious that a graduate level degree could be helpful in advancing your career. A master’s degree in accounting can usually be completed in a short period of time. In addition, many schools offer this degree program completely online, so you can easily obtain the degree while still working. If you aren’t convinced that getting your master’s is a good idea, then here are some of the top reasons why you should do it.

Earn a CPA

In many states, you have to have a master’s degree in order to obtain the Certified Public Accountant credential. It is typically a requirement for the CPA exam. It is becoming very common for employers to require new candidates to have their CPA, so you are likely already behind the new crop of hires in your company. In order to get back on track, you really need to earn a master’s degree, like the one from MVU Online, and become a CPA.

Advance Your Career

Even if your employer isn’t requiring new hires to have a master’s degree, the chances are really good that they do require this degree for advancement into top positions. Typically, corporate officers and senior management level employees are required to have a graduate degree. If you are trying to secure one of these positions, then you need to get back to school. In addition, if you are looking to work in corporate accounting, those positions almost always require a master’s degree.

It is very difficult to advance in the accounting field if you only hold a bachelor’s degree. Plus, going back to school now allows you to brush up on your skills, learn about changes in the field, such as those you can click to read more about, and learn new skills that can help you to be a better accountant. Having a more recently obtained degree may even give you a leg up over others who got a degree years ago because you were able to study fresher information.

Make More Money

A master’s degree can open doors to different industries where the earning potential can be much better than what you have now. For example, with a master’s degree, you are able to work in taxation, auditing and consulting. Furthermore, while the accounting field has been doing great despite other industries seeing job losses, some areas have been more financially successful than others. Having an advanced degree enables you to tap into those higher paying fields and positions.

If you are considering heading back to school to get a master’s degree, then you are on the right track. It is difficult to advance in this field if you don’t hold a graduate degree. Higher level positions almost always require one, and many states require one to sit for the CPA exam. So, if you have only been considering this move, now is a good time to take that step and finally enroll in a program.

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